• Doors open at 12:00.
  • For those who have purchased a student ticket, it is compulsory to submit their student’s identification card at the gate during the ticket control. Otherwise the price differential from the full fare ticket shall be received from them.
  • All the participants are required to have their ID cards with them.
  • Participants who are under the age of 18 cannot enter the festival area.
  • Biletix and the organiser do not have any responsibility for the lost tickets. No reprinting shall be made for the lost tickets.
  • Being exposed to excessive and loud-voiced music may cause hearing disorders.
  • During the event, strobe lights may be utilized. Strobe light may cause epileptic seizure in certain persons who have epilepsy history.
  • There isn’t any order of seating at the event area.
  • All the participants shall wear wrist straps in different colors changing according to their ticket type. In lieu of the ruptured, lost, and released wrist straps, new ones shall not be given.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable to another person. A wristband counts as a valid entry pass only if it is worn on the wrist. Wristbands that are DAMAGED - glued, cut, with a patent undone, broader than the hand - are considered as INVALID!
For the sake of your own safety, "bodysurfing" (when the crowd sends someone over their heads towards the stage) is strictly forbidden. In case it still happens to you, the security staff will lead you out to the edge of the given site. If it occurs again, unfortunately you will have to leave the area of the festival immediately.
NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED IN ANY QUANTITY inside the area of the Event. Entering into the festival area with foods and beverages shall not be permitted.Drugs or medications without a prescription or any other drugs which can be categorised as tranquillisers can not be brought into the festival area. Important: Objects made of glass, striking and cutting tools, umbrellas and any objects endangering others’ physical health are FORBIDDEN to be brought into the area of the Event. According to valid laws, you are not allowed to carry objects specifically endangering public safety (knives with a blade longer than 8 cm, switch knives, gas sprays, black jacks, guns, anything flammable or explosive etc.) Products of such nature must be handed to the security service at the entrance in custody, so that they can check them. Lazers are not allowed either.
If you are planning to enjoy the day at the beach, don’t forget to bring extra t-shirts, hats, towel, sunscreen and lots of energy with you!
Drinks will be handed out in plastic cups which will be charged with a deposit.
  • Food and beverage sales shall be available at the event area.
  • It is forbidden to bring any type of glass container, canister, plastic bottles, PET bottles, cans and/or special drink containers, your own food, hard packaging, cool-bags, special containers, torches, explosive objects or any type of weapon as well as dangerous objects onto the festival site.
  • There will be security control at the entrance to the festival. Security are instructed to carry out a body search. The visitor accepts this upon purchase of a ticket. Removal from the festival site can occur if there has been a breach against the legal provisions or these rules.
At Minipax Festival, you will enjoy a new kind of Food Court free from fast food chains and full of good and wholesome options. Our various pop-up food vendors will sure to satisfy all tastes. Our partners include:
  • Beeves Burger
  • New Frank's
  • Ranchero
  • Pinkberry
  • Crush
  • Cup of Edamame
In the bars, intoxicated guests and Visitors under the age of 18 cannot be served with any alcoholic beverages. It is important to remember that prevailing laws say that the consumption of narcotics is strictly forbidden on the area of the Event, too.
Animals are not allowed into the festival site.
A sound and film recording will be produced of the Event. Every person who appears on the recordings can be name checked only with their agreement, however they may not have any claims to the makers of the recordings or the organizers of the Event. By entering the festival site, the festival visitor willingly and irrevocably allows the nonpaid use of his image or voice for photography, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or records from images and/or sound, which the promoter or their delegated parties compile in connection to the festival as well as their subsequent use in all current and future media (especially in the form of sounds and image carriers as well as digital circulation, for example, via the internet).
  • Professional cameras and diaphragm machines shall not be permitted to the event area.
  • Taking photographs in a private capacity is basically permitted. Only 35mm cameras, simple SLR cameras and mobile phones with camera functions are allowed. Cameras with a zoom lens or with video functions as well as recording equipment (MP3/MP4-recorder, dictation equipment etc.) of every type are not allowed. Generally all types of recordings without the explicit permission of the promoter or of any artist are forbidden and the publicity of such recordings will be dealt with a penalty.
  • It is allowed to take photos, but film and sound recordings about the programs can only be made with the written agreement of the organizers.
On the area of the festival, it is forbidden to carry out any commercial or advertising activities without the written permission of the organizers.
Minipax Festival is a green festival and visitors are strongly encouraged to take care of natural values and not to drop any litter.
Organizers take no responsibility for possible damages occurring in persons or valuables.
The event shall be carried out at open air. The event shall be carried out at all kinds of weather conditions. We recommend the participants to participate into the festival by taking the necessary precautions for day and night weather conditions.
The event will take place in the case of every weather situation as long as the promoter can be responsible for the circumstances of the weather. If there is a possibility of danger to the body or health occurring, the event will be interrupted.
The organization company has the right to make change in the ticket prices. The organization company reserves its right to make any changes in the program and operations because of unforeseen and inevitable reasons. The organization company has the right not to give access to the place for the persons who are not deemed acceptable by it, by returning their ticket price. We ask you take care of yourselves and each other.
So that the festival visit is a great experience with lasting memories, we would ask that all festival visitors be tolerant, considerate, have moral courage and to help in the case of emergencies. The rights of the location remain for the complete duration of the festival with the festival organisers and their delegated third parties. The instructions of the security company of the promoter are to be obeyed.
It is absolutely forbidden to light an open fire. Security should be informed as soon as a fire has broken out and even if it seems under control and seems to have even been extinguished.
Medical service will be available at the festival area in case of an emergency. We wish you a very good time!

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